" The quality of ingredients and the care of preparation are far more accurate and elegant than you would normally expect to find.
This is a very good Lebanese Restaurant, as good as you’ll find in London" AA Gill

"What matters is the vivacity, the freshness, the sheer unbridled loveliness of what is actually made here. Do go." Jay Rayner

Lamb Shawarma (Marinated sliced lamb) 
Chicken Shawarma (Marinated sliced chicken)                              
Shish Taouk (Charcoal grilled marinated chicken cubes)
Lamb Kafta (Charcoal grilled lamb Kebab with parsley and onions)
Falafel (v) (Crushed fava beans)
Halloumi (v) (Grilled Halloumi with salad)


Lamb Shawarma                                 Hommos (Chickpeas paste)
Chicken Shawarma                             Fattoush Salad                      
Shish Taouk                                         Batata Harra (Spicy potatoes)
Lamb Kafta                                         Warak Inab (Stuffed vine leaves)
Falafel (v)                                             Chicken liver (Flambéed with pomegranate sauce)
Halloumi (v)                                         Lentil Soup


Hommos                                               Shish Taouk (Chicken cubes with rice)
Fattoush                                               Lamb Kafta (Lamb Kebab with rice)
Batata Harra                                       Aubergine Stew
Warak Inab                                         Lamb Shawarma (Marinated lamb with rice)
Chicken Liver                                     Chicken Shawarma (Marinated chicken with rice)
Lentil Soup                                          Chicken Curry

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