" The quality of ingredients and the care of preparation are far more accurate and elegant than you would normally expect to find.
This is a very good Lebanese Restaurant, as good as you’ll find in London" AA Gill

"What matters is the vivacity, the freshness, the sheer unbridled loveliness of what is actually made here. Do go." Jay Rayner

This wine possesses a wide pallet of aromas from white flowers, citrus, lemongrass, herbs, lemon balm, wildflowers, and honey to very ripe fruits.      


Delicate Golden Delicious apple flavours are delivered with a good dash of c rispy acidity and a subtle nuttiness that makes this wine a great all-rounder.


A medium weight red, with a pleasing balance between ripe fruit and savoury. The palate is succulent and mouth-filling with lashing of red berry and brambles.


Deep ruby red in colour with aromas of berries and sweet spice. The pallet is smooth and rich with a deep of flavour that continues in the mouth.


A fresh and light bodied rose. Dry, aromatic and easy drinking


The pale hue of the wine gives way to hints of perfume, pears, stone fruits and lime, as well as the occasional floral note. Fresh and vibrant acidity results in a light, easy drinking wine.


Zippy, fresh and predominantly citrus-flavoured wine, with a racy lime zest and nettle aroma. Refreshingly clean on the palate, with enduring, mouthwatering acidity.


An elegant wine with a complex aroma of spice, pineapple and nuts which is followed through on the palate.

Lively aromas of greenery and citrus fruits in the Sauvignon vein, accompanied by softer, melon and petal touches. Crisp and refreshing on the palate, with a lemony zing.
The chardonnay gives its finesse and elegance, the sauvignon its subtle aroma of hazelnuts and exotic fruits, and the Semillon provides roundness and length. It’s finally a complex aroma of spice, pineapple and nuts which follow through on the palate. Medium body, balanced acidity and a medium to long finish.

Bright pale straw in colour with aromas of tropical fruit salad, pineapples, lychees and white peaches. There are also hints of pear and gooseberry pie on the nose as well as on the palate, which is smooth, full bodies And concentrated.

Clean and crisp, with a touch of a grassy note. Tasty, with a fruitier finish emerging after a lemon-lime start. Young, fresh and refreshing.
Lovely and bright with crisp, green apple fruit and a streak of minerality. Very persistent on the palate, elegant and complex

Classical citrus and mineral notes on the nose, some ripe fruits (exotic, dry apricot…) On the palate, a lot of roundness with a long finish and sweet aromas.


This wine possesses a wide pallet of aromas from white flowers, Citrus, Lemmon grass, herbs, lemon balm, wildflowers and honey to very ripe fruits.

This wine is very interesting, very fresh with aromas of pear, apple and lemon.  

Aromas of white spices, vanilla, citrus and ripe tropical fruits are abundant on the nose. Stylish, clean, lifted palate which echoes the nose with pineapple, melon & peach


Vibrant cherry red with a nose dominated by raspberry and strawberry fruit and lashings of lifted oaky vanilla notes. The palate in supple and soft, with a moderate tannins and an easy feel.


This wine has a clean and fine bouquet with all the nuances of fruit flavour with a light floral smell of violet. The palate, concentrated & marked by red berries, offers a sensation of softness.

Juicy red berries and red fruit aromas explode from the glass accompanied by summer berries, exotic spices and a hint of earth. Seductive, smooth yet full body lingers on the palate with a velvety finish.

Juicy and ripe on the palate, bright berry fruit and mouth-watering acidity; balanced and surprisingly complex.

A medium to full-bodied wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Cabernet Blanc. Aged in oak for six month, it’s beautifully structured, with a nose of smoked fruits and vanilla. In the mouth, peppers, plums and berries abound. It has an excellent length.

A bright violet colour with a nose of blueberries, violets, red cherry and red berry fruits. The palate is very fresh and fruity with blueberries, blackcurrants and red plum flavours.


Deep, ripe ruby red in colour with a nose of blackcurrant, menthol and toasty vanilla notes. Rich, ripe almost s weet tannins and a long length.


A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, with an openly fruity nose of dark summer fruits. On the palate tones of caramelised fruits dominate the full palate giving way to a long and spicy finish


An elegant nose of black cherry, rose petal, cranberry and subtle oak with hints of spice. A medium bodied wine with luscious dark cherry, blossom fruits, silky soft tannins and a generous mouthfeel.


Elegantly structured and showing ripe blackberry and blackcurrant fruit flavours, subtle vanilla and plenty o f peppery spice. Balanced by firm tannins and crisp, refreshing acidity on the finish.


Made exclusively from unfamiliar blend (Caladoc-Pinot noir), it’s cherry red colour and fruity nose keep mouth an explosion of aromas. Easy to drink and finally obtaining a long soft satin taste.


This wine is made of four kinds of grapes (Cab Sauv, Cab Franc, Merlot, Syrah). It gives mixed flavours of odour and tastes. It has a lasting taste of red fruits aroma like cherries, cacao and coffee.


It displays a subtle nose of raspberry and blackcurrant with subtle hints of vanilla. The palate has good structure and firm tannins making this a rich and complex wine.


The palate has intense flavours of red cherries, dark chocolate, olives and figs. Rich, spicy and complex, with amazing length. Very serious – unique.


A distinguished and intense bouquet of cooked fruits, menthol and toasty cedar. On the palate the wine is generous with black fruit and menthol flavours supported by firm, silky tannins and integrated French oak.

A heady, fleshy and seductive wine, with notes of white chocolate, figs, plums, and black cherry liqueur



Magnificent deep purple color. Nose of thyme and bell peppers. Full-on and fruity in the mouth. Tannins are dry. Nice texture in the middle palate.


A wonderfully fruity, silky-smooth red Burgundy, aromatic with ripe, rounded flavours of juicy strawberry and plum and a subtle hint of spice and roasted nuts.


The structure and body of this wine is shown, along with a great balance. The tannins are soft and well balanced with the acidity and consistency of the wine.


Nebbiolo from two vineyard sites (Le Coste and Mosconi) is blended to create a tasty wine with notes of cherry, blackberry and leather. It’s silky smooth on the finish despite its young age.


Black cherry, dense with purple colour, the nose expresses notes of woods and spices. The mouth is bulky supported by a fine tannic and aromas of mature fruit (prunes).

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